Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crazy Dog Lady

So as you may have ascertained, I have dogs. But it doesn't end there - I am most definitely a crazy dog lady. Not the type of the crazy dog lady who will corner you against your will and talk about my dogs until you wished you could smash me over the back of the head and then leave me for my dogs (in a moment of irony) to munch on, but the type of crazy dog lady who spends 24 hours a day, 5-7 days a week hanging out with her dogs. The type of crazy dog lady who would most times rather be with my dogs then out with people who I can actually have a two-way conversation with (yes, I talk to my dogs). I not only love my dogs, I love everybody's dogs and I especially love those dogs that are less fortunate then my dogs, which is why I have begun volunteering at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Because I am such a crazy dog lady I am afraid to spend too much time with each dog because inevitably I would fall in love with either the "perfect" dog or a dog who just needs an "experienced owner" to fix its neuroses or nervousness, so I found another way that I can be helpful by taking photos of the adoptable dogs for use on the Hawaiian Humane Society website and in their campaigns. Basically I go in for a couple hours, play with the dogs and take pictures of them. The best volunteering job ever!

The photo I included above is one of my favorites so far. The smiling guys name is Mario and the Humane Society has actually been using the picture for their new half-price dog adoption campaign. The slogan for the campaign is "Make More Dogs Smile". Perfect, huh?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


And so it begins, again... This is my second attempt at keeping this blog going. Last time I'm afraid that I fell a little (and by little I mean almost 2 years...) behind with my posts... This time 'round things are going to be a little different. My last blog was only about my photo shoots that I was doing, weddings, family shoots and shoots for friends. This time I'm going to make this a little more about me and my extremely scattered existence and hobbies.

Sometimes I swear I have the attention span of a five-year-old.

And I promise to make a serious attempt to not have this blog be solely about my dogs...

...I already have a facebook for that ;)

That's it for now until I have something interesting to say.